Because of unemployment, Nepali youths are being compelled to plan foreign country, especially in golf countries by paying  more than 150,000 rupees per head. Although, they are sent through manpower agents by taking a limited agreement to work  over there but they couldn't get their job as the manpower agents said. Now, many Nepali youths are being cheated by manpower agents. As the manpower agents said they couldn't get satisfactory job and facilities. On the other hand, some Nepali youths they couldn't get job also although they have proper agreement to work in concerned field whether the manpower agents recommended them. As the same case, even my brother also now he is facing such problems. He had also  gone there through manpower agent 2 and half month before by paying 150,000 rupees to work over there but till now he hasn't got his work. So, it is very bad for Nepali youths although they are exciting to work. But in this case, our government  seems useless for solving those cases. 90 percent of Nepali youths are being planned to foreign countries for working and   living a life out of 100 percent. Because we don't have any alternative way to live in Nepal in case of being planned to foreign countries. That's why, every Nepali youths they intended to plan foreign countries and to earn some money. Actually, we don't have durable government and good leader for ruling Nepal. So, every Nepali people's intention is to get a good leader who should have a powerful capacity to rule the Nepal and durable government which might provide job to every unemployed in  Nepal. And may develop the countries by using the power of our youths because we have many potentialities within the Nepal if we use our youths' power in right place. So, I wish to have a good leader for Nepal and meaningful government which could provide peace and prosperity Nepal and may expand the capacity of employment in Nepal for arousing Nepali youths' intention to do something within the Nepal


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