Unfortunately,the life of the historical Constituent Assembly passed away on May 28, 2010. Nowonwards,it will be remembered as the saddest day in Nepali history and the opportunities lost by its demise will be more colossal than those  seen by any historical accidents of this country. Jung Bahadur Rana's Kot massacre that introduced the 104-year-old Ranacracy in Nepal in 1846, the massacre of king Birendra and his family on June 1,2001 and other disasters of lesser magnitude were managed by those who wielded swords and guns for power. These catastrophic bloody incidents brought greater dictators to power. But the demise of the Constituent Assembly will be remembered in Nepali history as the greatest massacre of the people's expectations and trust. Some indications speak that this grandest civilian people's assembly is being killed bloodlessly; but judging from the murky language being used by the politicians and leaders ruling the country, handling security and running political parties, we can see that a terrible subconscious desire for violence is behind the demise of this assembly.That's why, today I am in mourning for the demise of Constituent Assembly by celebrating not to have any food and even a single drop of water during the whole day.


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