Now, when I remember those 19th days of strike imposed by the all Nepali people and protesting against the vampire king for intending to achieve the peace process in Napal and make the constitution as the desire of Nepali people, even now also I get a treble fear. Many people sacrificed their life to take the democracy in Nepal and so many were become handicapped.     However, people kept continue their protest against cruel king. Finally, we won, we defeated and kicked out the centered state of beholding king for forever after 19th days of protesting and striking. And we felt we changed the history of Nepal and we  felt that was the Nepali people's victory who were dominated for many years. After that we were in fantasy of peace in Nepal. Since then, as the political leaders' norms and regulation we supported them. We did a constitution election also and there has appeared three big political parties. And we thought they will take the responsibility of making constitution and present the  peace process in Nepal. That's why, we believed in political leaders who might solve the problem of Nepal and may create the constitution within the right time but just opposition of our ambition they wasted the time by debating between them for the  state to be in government. Actually, they betrayed the Nepali people of belief. And now it became conformed to expire the   duration of making constitution
Now I know that wasn't our victory it is because that was the victory over the king for only the our parasite political     leaders. Now they are just fighting between them to be in government. During the 19th days strike we had faced the many   problems because there was everywhere curfew so that we couldn't move properly even without our own room gate. Although we dare to fight against the opponent and we won it. But political leaders they forgot it or they careless the power of people. That's why we are not satisfied even a single penny with our political leaders. So, after May 28th Nepali people should protest and fight with our political leaders. If someone dares to raise the voice to fight with political leaders I will  also involve to revenge my regration for voting them.



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