How to say about the situation of Nepal and will of Nepali people. Infact, people tired by wishing for peace process in Nepal. Actually, this is appearing due to cause of political parties on the lack of majority in thoughts.This cause belongs to three bigest political parties(Nepali Congress,UML and Maoist) who are making conroversial the peace process of Nepal. During the general strike imposed by the Maoist at that time government and other parties also tried to woo to withdraw the strike and they did also but now government is not agree to resigne easily. As a wole all parties they love to stay in government.That`s why, it seems as the will of Nepali people to make a compromise and negotiating between all political parties to have a national unity govenrment as soon as possible.Because such kind of governing coalition would helpful in easing mistrust between parties and creating an enabling environment for the completion of the peace process in Nepal.Due to lack of governing coalition, as they intended to make constitution within the two years is going to expire on 28 May.Therefore, the three bigest political parties should understand that they should compromise about the required urgency of lacking in the negotiations between parties because there is only one option that a deal be reached as soon as possible so that the interim constituent can be ammended to allow for an extension of the constitution assembly.Because the dissolution of this body would be a disaster for not only the aspirations of the people of the country but would also lead to existential crises in each political parties.So, as May 28 approaches, all parties should attempt to resolve disputes between them with these factors clearly in mind otherwise Nepali people will not be silent they will offer a dangerous sins and intended to spit on the mouth of the political leaders to whom they had given vote...


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