Banda Banda evryday Banda then what to do? Ooops! its running sixth day of general strike        imposed by the  UCPN (Maoist) in the whole kingdom of Nepal.Actually,they are saying we are   fighting for people‘s rights  but happening another.Nepali people‘s intention is not to be in strike and to push the Nepal in a conflict.They need peace and freedom of movement in  their life.However, because of illiteration they  don‘t have their own decission to decide what is   right and what is wrong?So, they are blindly  compelled to join and support their rude and rumour  advices.So, Nepali people tired of Banda and strike   that‘s why they are also preffered  to fight against   the activities of  maoist. In light of this situation    everybody knows that Nepal will  face the civil war   if it remains such kind of situation still 4/5 days  more.There is one   slogan ‘conflict is not minor      matter but it starts from minor‘ 
Now, I am praying that either every political leaders please come to compromise as soon as or   may the very dangerous cholera epidemic this time take away all the cruel political leaders for     good.Because Nepali people don‘t necessary such kind of people who doesn‘t consider about the   basic needs of people.So,I am saying you political leaders to leave this world as soon as possible.

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